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True to our name, Addiuva® has been helping private and public entities in over 20 countries deliver world-class service for nearly forty years. Addiuva’s® unparalleled omnichannel communication platform in synchronicity with groundbreaking technology, offers clients an ever-evolving array of solutions to address their unique needs.

Prevention At Home

Grow member benefits for your Part C users aimed at reducing the risk of falls in older adults. Prevention at Home by Addiuva® provides an unparalleled network of vetted service providers and management of value-added services to foster your brand loyalty while promoting safe and independent living.

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Customer Engagement Center

Let your customers communicate via their preferred channel. Our omnichannel experience seamlessly integrates all their communication into just one innovative platform. Representatives at our ISO certified centers are highly trained, fully bilingual and focused on building your brand loyalty. We also have the flexibility to fully customize your own in-house centers.

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Why Choose Addiuva®?

Industry leader for


Interactions in 2023.

Response time

< seconds


customer satisfaction.



traceable journey map

International Customer Engagement Centres ensuring uninterrupted total coverage in multiple time zones and languages.

“We are pleased to share our experience on how Addiuva Enterprises became a key partner in the management and logistical coordination of our processes at Transcita. Their collaboration has allowed us to optimize our processes and provide real-time tracking for each service, which has been invaluable for our operational success.”

Rafael Vila Baez

TransCita Puerto Rico.


We are here to help.

Where is our Florida office located?

Our main office is located at Sabadell Financial Center. 1111 Brickell Ave, Suite 1515, Miami,
FL. 33131.

What Prevention at Home by Addiuva services do we offer?

Prevention at Home by Addiuva will appoint and dispatch a certified professional Troubleshooter, who will assess the scope of work that can include plumbing, electrical and locksmith services. The entire process is monitored and reported through our 24/7 Customer Engagement Centre. The services we have perfected globally will also be added to our offering on a quarterly basis, as well as implementing new products and solutions as we expand our presence in the U.S.

How do we select our professional troubleshooters?

Our troubleshooters are certified and licensed professionals that go through a thorough screening process before joining our network.

Your Communication Centre or Ours

Addiuva Enterprises can provide communication centres with fully trained, multilingual personnel. We can also offer our experience to your operations, by providing the technology, logistics and training for your own call centres.

Addiuva’ Global KPIs

  • 4 million interactions in 2022.

  • Response time less than 20 seconds.

  • 97% customer satisfaction.

What service coverage do we have in the USA?

We currently have open operations in Florida and will be expanding soon to the rest of continental U.S.

What kind of industries do we serve at Addiuva Enterprises globally?

Banking, Insurance, Health and Wellness, Retail, Public Services and Telcos.

What is our service model?

We provide value added solutions for our corporate clients’ users on a B2B business model.

Our Service level

97,3 % Calls answered before 15 seconds
97,6 % issues solved on first call
98,9 % customer satisfaction

What certifications do we have?

ISO 9001

ISO 27001

What are Addiuva® Enterprises’ locations?

Addiuva is present in over 20 countries across North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.

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Sabadell Financial Center
1111 Brickel Avenue, Suite 1515
Miami, FL 33131

Email: usa@addiuva.com

Phone: +1 833 3 ADDIUVA (2334882)

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