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According to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), about one in four adults (28%) age 65 and older, report falling each year in the United States. This results in about 36 million falls and represents nearly $50 billion in wellness costs annually, with only 3/4 paid by state funded benefits.

As our population grows older, many simple household tasks become a burden and potential hazard. To minimize these domestic related injuries, one key measure is to make homes safer – a clear motivation to our spirit of service.

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What is Prevention at Home
by Addiuva® about?

Prevention at Home by Addiuva® is designed to appoint and dispatch certified professional Troubleshooters, who are ready to assess the scope of work and repairs, such as plumbing, electrical and locksmith services, reducing user’s risk of injury. Our 24/7 Customer Engagement Centre and software monitor the entire process until the work is complete.

How does it work?


Our Omnichannel Customer Engagement Center by Addiuva® answers user’s requests received through:

  • A customized and dedicated phone line
  • iOS/Android App
  • SMS
  • Social media
  • E-mail


Within seconds we will contact our exclusive and extensive network of certified troubleshooters and proceed with scheduling and confirming the service appointment.


The entire journey is monitored, logged and can be audited by our Corporate Clients, from the initial request up to the customer satisfaction survey .

Solutions at Addiuva USA

Customer Engagement Center
by Addiuva®

We are dedicated to establishing brand loyalty through empathetic, professional, and meaningful interactions.

With our advanced technological solutions, highly trained staff, and innovative strategies, we’ll encourage long-term connections with your customers through exceptional experiences.

Solutions at Addiuva USA

What do we offer?

Fully Customizable Service Solutions

Customer Engagement Center by Addiuva® offers customizable solutions to help create brand loyalty and growth. Our certified high-tech international engagement centres leverage the latest in secured omni channel integration with talented, experienced professionals.

For companies with in-house centres, we offer customized consulting services along with our proprietary SaaS technology to optimize your existing contact centre operations.

Improvement offering of commercial strategies and solutions that will enhance your customers’ satisfaction and engagement includes:

  • Email marketing
  • Database management
  • Collection service
  • Quality feedback surveys

We offer a complete modular SaaS software suite to:

  • Verify and register all customer interactions in an optimized database
  • Monitor, control and assign dispatch services with precise geolocation in field service and logistics operations.
  • Access all operations metrics in real time

To handle all customer interactions, we provide service from our five international contact centers, ensuring uninterrupted total coverage 24/7 
in multiple time zones and languages.

For companies with in-house centers, we also offer customized consulting services to optimize your existing contact center operations.

What is our approach?

Our multidisciplinary team analyzes, proposes, and collaborates to redesign and implement an appropriate customer experience for your brand.

Customer Engagement Center by Addiuva® will execute a comprehensive diagnosis of operations, processes, infrastructure, and human resources, identify opportunities for improvement, and propose strategies to enhance customer service processes. To do this, we redesign process flows, define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and complete implementation.

Our software allows online access to these indicators so that you can evaluate the improvements in real-time and with complete traceability of the process.